Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Another night last night of hardly any sleep. Poor booger head is teething I think. It felt like he woke up every 1/2hr. I'm sooo tired today. He even woke the princess up. Maybe I'll be able to trick her into a nap today. I probably should have given him some Tylenol, but I could hardly open my eyes, let alone think about how much Tylenol I needed to give, and to actually get it into him.

What did/do you do when your kids wake at night? I'm really not interested in just letting him cry. If I did, no one would get any sleep, as our house is so small you can hear everything. Besides It's just not something I believe in for babies. I know if I were tiny and helpless, I wouldn't want to be left to cry by myself. If your interested in why I believe this, here and here are just a couple of really good articles about the topic.

Right now, I try a pacifier, if that doesn't work, then I nurse him, still not, change the diaper, and then bounce on a yoga ball until he falls back asleep. This is what's working right now. I know this stage won't last forever, but while your in the middle of it, it sure feels like a long time.


  1. Sleep deprivation is no fun!!
    Maybe pre-measure some tylenol and set some kind of alarm so you don't have to worry so much about dosage and timing. I dunno, I'm not a mum.

    Just think you'll be able to have the most awesome sleep when he's a teenager and sleeps in until 1pm :)

    Just keep swimming,swimming,swimming :)

  2. I gave him some Tylenol before bed last night, and got a blissful straight 5 hrs of sleep. I feel like a new person. He definitely is teething.