Monday, August 30, 2010

Ok, so maybe I have some form of ADD?

I always do this. I get soo excited about something, my mind goes a mile a minute planning all the awesome things I want to do/say. For instance right now, I'm excited about blogging again. So naturally I WANT TO BLOG ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING THAT I THINK IS MILDLY ENTERTAINING. This is where it goes wrong. I have sooo many ideas, I have a hard time choosing what to actually focus on, and then usually nothing gets done. Hopefully this time its not like that.

I hope to be able to make money from my blog, and never work again! How awesome would that be??? It would be an awesome career for me. I have sooo many interests, but nothing that interests me enough to want to do it for years on end. I have considered so many careers, but I ultimately find something irritating enough about it that makes me not want to do it. Blogging is perfect for that. Now all I have to do is figure out how to become popular, funny and or interesting, and then how to actually make money from this!

I think my main focus will be on my kids still. Kids are pretty entertaining!

So we have some blue now in the house

I now have another child. It's a boy. His name is Ian, and he's 3 months old. I doubt I'll be able to change the name of my blog, but it's not all gonna be princesses and pink shoes anymore, no matter how much princess Nyla objects.


I've been totally inspired lately to be a blogger. I've been reading through this awesome blog The writer is hilarious, and so creative! Lets hope I can follow through with my inspiration.